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My name is Wing, and I am a creative individual based in Queens, New York.  I’d like to think that my photos are my stories and my camera, is my voice.  I discovered my love for photography while taking a college course.  When I snapped my first photo, I knew this was something that I wanted as part of my career moving forward.


While earning a Bachelors in Communication Design at New York City Of Technology, my aspiration was to become a creative designer.  Being in school gave me the platform I needed, but I was thirsting for real life experiences.  I knew photography was the path, and my ambition was in wedding photography.  I set off on this journey to broaden my vision and develop my skillset.  I take pride in being self taught by researching the technicalities of my camera and the many hours of sitting through tutorials.  Most importantly, I was constantly out there on the field.  I was adamant on learning how to find the perfect angle, lens, lighting, and notably, the ability to communicate with the viewer through each photo.


In June of 2015, I had the privilege to photograph my very first wedding.  It inspired me to expand my profession into video production and learning a variety of editing software.  This opened more doors, and led me to work with companies on product photography, video editing, and label designs for some of the most prestigious companies in the industry.


I am humbled to still be a student every day and excited to continue to tell my story, through my lens.


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